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Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority

Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority (FCAA) protects consumer and public interests and supports economic well-being through responsive financial marketplace regulation. FCAA enhances consumer protection through licensing, registration, audit, complaint handling and enforcement activities pursuant to various provincial statutes.

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Budgeting, debt management, financial planning and more.

This section offers information for general consumers and explains how the Consumer Protection Division regulates and investigates consumer complaints, answers consumer inquiries, provides advice and direction to the public on how to resolve their complaint, educates consumers and businesses on their rights and responsibilities, and conducts compliance audits of licensees.

This section contains information for consumers of financial products and services.  FCAA assists consumers by educating them about their rights, responsibilities and industry standards and  providing guidance with regard to filing and resolving complaints.

This section provides information for the financial services industry participants regarding licensing and compliance requirements and FCAA's audit, regulatory and enforcement functions.

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