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Sunday, April 22, 2018
Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority

Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority (FCAA) protects consumer and public interests and supports economic well-being through responsive marketplace regulation. We protect Saskatchewan consumers by regulating financial products and service providers in an effective, efficient and balanced manner.

FCAA plays an essential role in the growth, development and strength of our economy. 
The FCAA’s regulatory functions include both prudential and market conduct regulation.  Prudential regulation addresses the financial soundness of those regulated, while market conduct regulation refers to supervising compliance related to consumer protection provisions including disclosure, confidentiality, fair practices and prohibited methods of doing business.

Financial services regulation is important for the integrity, efficiency and transparency of the financial services sector.  The fall-out of the 2008 market turmoil provides ample evidence that a stable marketplace resultant of effective regulation is necessary to ensuring a secure economic infrastructure.

With the addition of the Consumer Protection Division in 2011, FCAA has broadened its focus to promoting an environment in which all Saskatchewan consumers and businesses can be confident.

The mandate of FCAA is to oversee the protection of consumer interests through licensing, registration, audit, complaint handling and enforcement activities pursuant to various provincial statutes.

  • Licensing and Registration 
    Financial institutions, pension plans and financial intermediaries require approval to conduct business.  FCAA requires applicants to provide information in order to assess whether the applicant is suitable to conduct business in their chosen field. 
  • Audit and Compliance  
    On an ongoing basis, FCAA monitors financial service providers to verify that they are capable of meeting their obligations to consumers and to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Market Conduct and Complaint Handling
    FCAA ensures there are effective measures in place to receive and investigate complaints from consumers.  Complaints are reviewed and investigated to determine whether there are violations of rules.
  • Enforcement
    FCAA exercises its influence and legislated authority to hold to account those who have violated the rules.  Enforcement may be initiated based on information from complainants, information obtained from audit and compliance activities or from other sources.

FCAA has 5 divisions responsible for overseeing these functions.  They are:

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