Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan

FCAA is Saskatchewan’s financial and consumer marketplace regulator.

Payday Lenders

  • Payday Lenders

    Consult the resources below for information on a number of important topics.

    Apply for a licence

    How to apply for a payday lender licence.


    This section contains documents related to licensing and compliance requirements. 

    Changes that require you to notify FCAA

    A list of changes that require you to notify FCAA.

    Compliance with legislation

    Legislation that applies to Payday lenders.

    List of Payday Lenders

    List of payday lender locations authorized to provide payday loans to borrowers in Saskatchewan.

    Registration and Licensing System (RLS)

    Learn about the online system where you can go to log into RLS, to register and renew your license as well as submit filings.

    Regulatory Actions

    This section contains documents relating to actions taken, such as consent orders, decision, administrative penalties and licence conditions.

    Consumer Credit Division

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