Consumer Rights

The Consumer Rights pathway helps consumers and businesses resolve issues in a fast, efficient, and fair manner. 

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Consumer Rights Pathway
Negotiating an Issue in the Resolve My Consumer Dispute Service 
Saskatchewan Account


Consumer Rights Pathway 
The first step to resolve a consumer issue online is completing the Consumer Rights pathway.

The interactive pathway takes you through a series of questions and answers that will point you to applicable legislation, inform you of your rights and responsibilities, and provide information and tools to assist you in resolving your dispute. 

Consumer Rights provides information in the following areas:

  • Auctions
  • Cemeteries
  • Charitable Fund-raising Businesses
  • Collection Agents
  • Consumer Contracts 
  • Credit Reporting
  • Direct Sellers (i.e., door to door sales, unsolicited phone sales)
  • Personal Service Development Contracts (i.e., gym memberships)
  • Pre-Paid Purchase Cards (i.e., gift cards, prepaid credit cards)
  • Ticket Sellers
  • Vehicle Dealers
  • Warranties (for most consumer goods and services)

Click here to complete the pathway.

Negotiating an Issue in the Resolve My Consumer Dispute Service 
If you believe you have a valid dispute and were unable to resolve your dispute using the tools provided within the Consumer Rights pathway, you will be able to file a dispute with the FCAA through the Resolve my Consumer Dispute service.

Resolve My Consumer Dispute enables consumers and businesses to negotiate directly with one another and can facilitate quick, efficient resolutions through user-friendly tools in an online, secure environment, available at any time. Within the Resolve My Consumer Dispute service, consumers and businesses can make proposals to resolve the dispute, upload documentation, and accept or continue to negotiate a remedy for the dispute. 

If a resolution cannot be reached at this stage, either party can request a Consumer Protection Division Facilitator to provide assistance. In some cases, an independent, third-party mediator may be assigned to provide further assistance.

Saskatchewan Account 
You will need a Saskatchewan Account to access the Resolve My Consumer Dispute service. No account is required to access the Consumer Rights pathway. For more information, troubleshooting, or to register for an account, please visit the Saskatchewan Account Help Centre.

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