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Film and/or Video Exhibitor, Distributor or Retailer

  • Film and/or Video Exhibitor, Distributor or Retailer

    The Film and Video Classification Act 2016 and Regulations 2018 are administered by the Saskatchewan Film Classification (SFC) office within the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority (FCAA).  Two key components of this administration are the registration and classification requirements. 

    Registration with SFC is required if you intend to distribute, sell, rent, or publicly exhibit a film or video in Saskatchewan on a continual and successive basis.

    Classification is required (unless otherwise exempted) before a film is exhibited, distributed, rented, or sold in Saskatchewan.  This includes film exhibition, retail sales of DVD’s, or lending.  It applies to both commercial and non-commercial locations.

    Consult the resources below for information on a number of important topics.

    • Film classifications

      Learn about film ratings, classification categories, symbols and other important topics.

    • Film classification search

      Search for newly released movies as well as others to get the classification of the movie.

    • General information

      Learn about classification, exemptions, administrative processes and other important topics.

    • Legislation

      Learn about your legislative obligations.

    • Notices to Distributors/Retailers

      This section contains notices for Distributors and Retailers.

    • Registration

      Learn about registration requiements and complete the registration form.

    • Regulatory Actions

      This section contains documents relating to actions taken, such as consent orders, decision, administrative penalties and licence conditions.


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