Registration and Licensing System

Registration and Licensing System 

In order to distribute, sell, rent, or publicly exhibit a film or video in Saskatchewan on an on-going basis (as opposed to a one-time event), one must be registered with Saskatchewan Film Classification (SFC).  

The Director of SFC may refuse, suspend or cancel a registration, or make the registration subject to terms or conditions, at its discretion. It is an offence to distribute or exhibit a film without being appropriately registered.

To register with SFC you must use the “Registration and Licensing System” (“RLS”), a secure electronic environment to make filings and submissions to the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority (“FCAA”) of Saskatchewan. 

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Correspondence and notification emails from FCAA’s Registration and Licensing System (RLS) is sent from either or Please ensure that both of these emails addresses are added to your “safe sender list”. If you are expecting an email correspondence or notification from RLS but did not receive it in a reasonable timeframe (i.e., up to 24 hours), please contact us. All licensees and registrants are reminded that it is their obligation to ensure that all required filings are received by FCAA by the deadlines required under the legislation.

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