How to Use the Consumer Rights Services

The Consumer Rights services encourage consumers to first try to resolve the issue directly with the business, by providing information and tools in a user-friendly format.

The process is easy:

Step 1: Enter the Consumer Rights pathway.

Step 2: Complete the pathway by providing information about your issue.

Step 3: As you follow the pathway, you will learn more about your situation. For example, consumers will learn about their rights, and business will learn about their responsabilities.

Step 4: The pathway will point you to tools and resources to help you deal with the business directly, such as templated emails.

Step 5: If, after completing the pathway and utilizing the resources, you cannot resolve your issue directly with the business, you can file a dispute.

Step 6: To file a dispute you will to create a Saskatchewan Account (unless you already have one).

Step 7: When a dispute is filed, the business will be notified and invited to join the online resolution process.


Saskatchewan Account Information

In case you need to file a dispute, you will need a Saskatchewan Account to access the Resolve My Consumer Dispute service.

To sign up or learn more about a Saskatchewan Account, visit the Saskatchewan Account Help Centre.

Consumer Rights Pathway Guides

Further Assistance

Questions about the Consumer Rights pathway or the Resolve my Consumer Dispute service can be directed to

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