Consumer Rights Frequently Asked Questions

The Consumer Rights pathway helps consumers and businesses resolve issues in a fast, efficient, and fair manner. 

For more in-depth help guides and resources, visit How to Use the Consumer Rights page.


Frequently Asked Questions

I think my dispute is valid. I want to file a dispute right away and skip completing the Consumer Rights guided pathway. 
We strongly encourage you to complete the Consumer Rights pathway prior to filing your dispute. You can log into the Resolve My Consumer Dispute service to review your case details once you have completed the Consumer Rights pathway. You will not be required to repeat the pathway again. 

Where can I find additional help and resources?
Check out our handy video tutorials, user guides, and other resources on our Consumer Rights Help Page.

How do I find more information or fix an issue with a Saskatchewan Account?
For more information, troubleshooting, or to register for an account, please visit the Saskatchewan Account Help Centre.

Is there a cost?
Using the Consumer Rights pathway and Resolve my Consumer Dispute service is entirely free. 

Do I have an alternative way to deal with my dispute, like going to Court?
Yes, consumers and businesses may pursue a remedy in court. The Consumer Rights pathway and Resolve my Consumer Dispute service are intended to be a faster, less expensive and more effective way to resolve consumer disputes.  

Are the decisions in the Resolve my Consumer Dispute binding?
Decisions become binding once both parties accept and sign a settlement agreement. 

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