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Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan

FCAA is Saskatchewan’s financial and consumer marketplace regulator.

Apply for a licence

  • Apply for a licence

    Operating a payday lender business in Saskatchewan is a privilege that comes with a number of responsibilities. As a payday lender carrying on business in Saskatchewan, you are required to comply with The Payday Loans Act, and The Payday Loans Regulations.

    The licensing toolkit contains direction on how to apply for a licence to carry on business as a payday lender in Saskatchewan. Please refer to the Registration and Licensing System (RLS) information for instructions on how to complete an online application.

    Your payday lender licence is a very important part of operating your business. Please take sufficient time to complete your application accurately and completely, and submit it well in advance of the date you intend to start carrying on business in Saskatchewan.

    In order to have your application processed in a timely manner, please be sure that the online application is completely filled out and all requested supporting documentation is attached. Be sure to submit a cheque payable to the Minister of Finance for the $3,000.00 annual fee, per licensed location. Incomplete applications and applications without an accompanying payment will not be processed.

    If you have questions about completing your application, please contact us and we will assist you.

    Read the common problems with submitted payday lender licence applications to avoid errors.

    Annual Licence Renewal

    Your payday lender licence is issued for a twelve month period, expiring one year from the date of issue. Please ensure you submit your online renewal application and accompanying payment before your licence expires. Please refer to the Registration and Licensing System (RLS) information for instructions on how to complete an online renewal application.

    The license application in RLS is separated into "legal entity" abd "physical location: components. A licence is for each physical location, and each licence expires one year from the date of issue. As part of the renewal process, once a year each lender will need to update the legal entity information.

    Additional Information

    If a licensed payday lender with at least one location wishes to apply for another phyiscal location licence, it may do so without needing to re-submit all of the legal entity information. However, the legal entity information does need to be updated annually, accordingly, some applicants may find that the timing of submissions is such that the legal entity information is required.

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