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Fitness/gym memberships

  • Fitness/Gym Memberships

    Do you know what questions to ask before committing to a long-term gym contract?


    Know the cost

    • What fees are associated with signing up? (registration, maintenance, etc)
    • What is the total amount payable over the life of the contract?
    • Are there extra fees for classes or trainers?


    Know your rights

    • You can cancel your gym contract:
      • within seven business days of receiving the written copy of the contract;
      • if you move more than 30 km away from your home gym or one of its other locations;
      • if there are material physical, medical or mental changes supported by your medical practitioner that would make gym participation unreasonable;
      • if there are material changes in the services being provided, or if the facility moves more than 10 km from its former location; and,
      • within a year if the contract does not include all required information.
    • The term of a gym contract cannot exceed two years.


    Be sure to ask

    • Are there penalties or cancellation fees for ending the contract before the term ends?
    • What is the cancellation process?
    • Are there any fees/restrictions for using equipment or attending classes?


    For more information see The Consumer Protection and Business Practices Act and The Consumer and Business Practices Regulations.

    If you have questions about gym contracts, contact FCAA at 1-877-880-5550 or

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