Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan

FCAA is Saskatchewan’s financial and consumer marketplace regulator.

Insurance Consumers

  • Insurance Consumers

    If you have ever owned a home, a vehicle, or have gone travelling, you have likely purchased insurance. While it can be mandatory in some contexts and optional in others, insurance may help provide compensation after a loss. Auto accident, fire, personal injury, and flight cancellation are just some examples of where insurance can be an important source of financial protection.

    Before purchasing insurance, for any purpose, it is important to familiarize yourself with the industry in Saskatchewan. Consult the resources below for information on a number of important topics.

    Insurance and Real Estate Division

    Suite 601, 1919 Saskatchewan Drive

    Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 4H2

    Tel: (306)787-6700

    Fax: (306)787-9006


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