The Drive Away Price

The Drive Away Price 

Drive-Away Pricing – It’s the Law!

Rules and requirements about vehicle advertisements are designed to ensure the price in ads reflect the price customers can expect to pay. Consumers and dealers complained about misleading ad prices, as well as hidden fees, extras and surcharges that pushed the total cost of the vehicle far above the advertised price.

Advertisements should be an accurate representation of the total cost of the transaction.


What is the Drive Away Price?

When a price is listed in an ad, it must include all fees and charges that a dealer intends on collecting, except for PST and GST. If you see a price listed in an ad and are paying for the vehicle with cash and do not have a trade-in, that advertised price is the highest price (not including taxes) you should expect to pay.

Some examples of fees or charges that must be included in an advertised price include:

  • Freight
  • Administrative and Documentation Fees
  • Government levies (i.e. tire tax, air tax etc.)

Products or services that have been pre-installed on a vehicle by a dealer MUST also be included in the advertised price. These include products and services such as:

  • Nitrogen/tire protection package
  • Security or theft deterrent products/services (i.e. etching)
  • Fuel
  • Warranties

Before you buy your next car, take a picture of the vehicle’s advertised price and bring it with you to the dealer. If the drive-away price rules apply to the purchase, you should never be charged more than the dealer’s advertised price.

If you notice a difference between the advertised price and the full cash price, you should work with the dealer to remedy the situation. Alternatively, if you are unsuccessful in resolving the dispute, you can file a formal complaint with us to pursue a remedy.

Please note: A person who buys a vehicle privately is not protected in this way.


Call Consumer Protection Division

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