Returns and Exchanges

Returns and Exchanges

Many retailers have a return/exchange policy. Most Saskatchewan retailers  are not required by law to have one, but many offer the service. Retailers can set the terms and limitations of a return policy, but if a policy is brought to the consumer’s attention at or before the time of purchase, retailers are obliged to honour it.

If a return/exchange notice is not posted anywhere, ask the retailer if there is a policy. Retailers can write the policy on your receipt and sign and date it at the time of purchase if it is not publicly posted. Do not forget to keep the receipt as proof of purchase.

Consumers also have a number of rights and protections under the law.

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Rights and protections

Retailers are required to take returns/exchanges on goods that fail to meet the warranties under The Consumer Protection and Business Practices Act. The warranties are designed to protect consumers by setting expectations for goods and services. Some examples of the warranties that The Act requires might include that an item works properly, that there are no liens (debts) attached to an item, and that an item is free from defects and hidden damage.


Shopping online

Items sold online must match the description in the online listing. If an item does not match the description posted, it may be returned. Before you make any online purchases, look for the return policy. 



It is a good practice to post a return policy in a prominent location in the store or on receipts. Retailers are also encouraged to bring return policies to the attention of consumers at the time of purchase.


Contact the FCAA

If you are having problems with returning a purchase and you cannot resolve it with the retailer, contact the FCAA at for more information or to file a formal complaint.

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