Tips for choosing a contractor

Tips for choosing a contractor



Before you hire a contractor, do you know what questions to ask? Be proactive before your construction project begins and make sure you know all the facts.

For information about choosing a contractor select from the options below.



Research your contractor

Ask for examples of previous work your contractor has done. This will give you an idea of the quality of their work.

It is also helpful to speak with previous clients about their experience working with the contractor. Make sure to ask:

  • Why did you choose this contractor?

  • Was the project done in a reasonable amount of time for a reasonable price?

  • What problems, if any, did you experience with the contractor?

Check to see if your contractor is listed with the Better Business Bureau. If they are listed, you can find customer reviews and ratings.



Ask about insurance

Confirm with your contractor that they have insurance by asking to see their insurance certificates, including Worker’s Compensation coverage. These certificates should cover property damage and offer liability insurance to minimize responsibility to the home owner if someone is harmed or something is damaged during the construction work. Ask to see these certificates before the renovation project begins, and confirm with the contractor that the coverage remains in effect.

You may also want to contact your own insurance broker if you have questions about your personal insurance and coverage.



Get quotes and a contract in writing

Make sure you establish a written contract with your contractor. It should include:

  • a detailed description goods or services to be supplied

  • the timeline of work; and

  • the quotes or the final price (the cost of labour and materials)

If you have questions about selecting a contractor, contact the FCAA at 1-877-880-5550 or

Consumer Protection Division

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Tel: (306)787-5550

Toll free: (877)880-5550

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