Tips when planning a vacation

Tips when planning a vacation

Third party providers, such as travel agents and travel planning websites, can help make planning a vacation easier. While these providers take care of paperwork and may offer discounts, consumers should be aware of how to protect themselves when signing a travel contract.

Here are five ways that consumers can protect themselves when booking a trip:

  • When booking airfare, a hotel, or a car rental through a third party, confirm your booking with the actual supplier to ensure that the reservation was received and correct.
  • Pay with a credit card. It’s easier to get a refund through a credit card provider. But first, make sure you know what currency is being used (make sure you account for exchange rates).
  • Minimize the use of cash or cheque deposits when working with someone on your holiday. It may be more difficult or impossible to get a refund if the third party goes out of business.
  • Thoroughly read the cancellation policy set out in your travel contract. Make sure you know what to do in a worst-case scenario.
  • Do research, read customer reviews, check with the Better Business Bureau and the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA) to confirm that the third party is well established and has a good reputation.

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