Tips for driveway repairs

Tips for driveway repairs


Has someone come to your door offering to do paving work? There are some important questions to ask before you hire a driveway repair salesperson. For more information about door-to-door driveway repair salespeople, select from the options below.


Do reference checks and research

Good salespeople will be happy to give you a few references from previous jobs. A quick phone call to past clients will help you know what to expect when it comes time to begin the project.

Be sure to ask:

  • Was the price fair?
  • Was work done on time?
  • Were there any unexpected problems?

It is always a good idea to do some additional research to make sure the contractor is reputable. The Better Business Bureau is a great resource to view a contractor’s ratings and read customer reviews. 

In your research, be sure to check that they are licensed to sell door-to-door. You can use FCAA411 to see if they are allowed to be selling services door-to-door.


View previous work

The best way to judge the quality of work is to see it yourself. Ask the contractor for pictures or visit previous jobs in-person (you will need to ask permission if it’s private property) to see the quality of the workmanship.


Property damage and liability insurance

Confirm with your contactor that they have insurance by asking to see proof of insurance, such as a certificate of insurance or insurance policy, and that they are registered with the Workers’ Compensation Board by asking to see their Workers’ Compensation Board certificate.

You may wish to also contact your own insurance broker to ensure that you are covered for any risks not covered by the contractor’s insurance or that might occur when the contractor is not on site, (ie: vandalism, fire or theft.)

Get quotes and a contract in writing

Get quotes in writing and ensure the terms of the contract are clear before work begins including payment details, goods and services to be supplied and the expected start and completion dates.


Don't be pressured

Scammers often try to use old materials from other projects when repairing driveways. These repairs look good initially, but the driveway falls apart after it dries. To avoid this, don’t fall for pressure. Ask questions and do your research before agreeing to repair work.

When dealing with a door-to-door salesperson, make sure that:

  • everything is documented in writing, that you agree to the expectations of the work, that a price is set and there is a timeframe of when work is to be completed;
  • you ask questions when you do not understand something;
  • you are not pressured into buying on the spot; 
  • you do not write them a blank cheque;
  • you check to see if they have property damage and liability insurance; and
  • you check if they are listed on the Better Business Bureau directory (or call 1-888-352-7601). If they are listed, read their customer reviews to make sure you are hiring someone who does work you like.



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