Apply for registration

Apply for registration

The Trust and Loan Corporations Act, 1997 (the “T&L Act”) provides the legislative framework for the regulation of loan brokers.

A loan broker is a person (individual, corporation or partnership) that provides services or products to a consumer in obtaining a loan from another person. Services include referring a consumer to a lender, referring a lender to a consumer, or providing a lender or consumer with information about the other.

Persons involved with a loan of money made on the security of real property are not loan brokers. When real property is involved, The Mortgage Brokerages and Mortgage Administrators Act will apply and a licence under this legislation may also be required.

If you are seeking registration as a loan broker, you must:

  • submit a completed online application form;
  • remit the $500 initial review fee;
  • remit the $500 registration fee (note: this fee will be refunded if your application is refused).

Loan brokers are prohibited from requiring or accepting any payment from a consumer unless:

  • the loan broker is registered;
  • the loan broker provides the consumer with the written disclosure required by the legislation; and
  • the consumer has actually received the proceeds of the loan.

Every arrangement or agreement that does not meet these three criteria is void.

The T&L Act contemplates every loan broker, other than those exempted by the Superintendent, as having a bond in the amount and form prescribed by the Superintendent. This information will be communicated to an applicant upon review of the applicant and their proposed business model.

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