Filings and notifications to the Superintendent

Filings and notifications to the Superintendent

Once licensed, mortgage brokerages must comply with the filing and notification requirements set out in the legislation.

To assist brokerages in providing the necessary information, refer to the Registration and Licensing System (RLS) information for instructions on how to complete online filings.



Annual Return

Every brokerage is required to submit an annual return covering the period from June 1 to May 31.  The Annual Return must be provided to the Superintendent no later than June 30 of every year (e.g. the June 1, 2011 to May 31, 2012 return must be provided by June 30, 2012).  If the brokerage was licensed during the reporting period (i.e. was not licensed for the entire 12 month period), please contact the office of the Superintendent to discuss the applicable reporting period.  The brokerage’s $400 annual fee is due no later than June 30 of each year, and should accompany the annual return filing.

Change in Circumstance or Contact Information

Section 19 and 20 of the Act, and section 14 of the Regulations, require any licensee to notify the Superintendent of certain changes including any changes to their contact information, regulatory actions in other jurisdictions, and charges for a offense contrary to the Criminal Code. Individuals must promptly notify the Superintendent within 7 days or if any circumstances arise that may affect your license. Please refer to the Registration and Licensing System information for instructions on how to provide this information.

Notice of Terminated Broker or Associate

Individuals are authorized to broker mortgages only on behalf of the brokerage listed on their licence. If an individual ceases to broker on behalf of that brokerage, whether that decision is made by the individual or the brokerage, the individual must notify the Superintendent within 7 days. These individuals need to be aware their licence is automatically suspended.

This is not a comprehensive listing of all requirements. Brokerages need to ensure they comply with all filing and notification requirements. If a brokerage is unsure what information needs to be provided to meet a notification or filing requirement, they should contact the office of the Superintendent.

Read the FAQ compliance document for more information about compliance requirements.


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