Securities Laws

Securities Laws

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Act and Regulations
The Securities Act, 1988  protects Saskatchewan investors and helps to ensure fair and efficient capital and derivatives markets.

Learn more about the history of how The Securities Act, 1988 was amended.

The Securities Regulations provide the specific details about how the securities market operates in Saskatchewan.  Learn more about the history of how the Regulations were amended.

Read other regulations under The Securities Act, 1988 for information about the adoption of National Instruments, Local Instruments, Regulation Procedures and Disclosure of Personal Information.


Regulatory Instruments

Here are lists of national and local instruments, policies, notices, and other regulatory documents. They are grouped by subject according to the numbering system of the Canadian Securities Administrators.


General Orders

Here are lists of general exemption orders, implementation orders and recognition orders issued by the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority.


Memoranda of Understanding

Here are the memoranda of understanding (MOUs) agreements that the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority has entered into regarding regulatory oversight.


Delegation and Assignment of Powers

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